Sunday, 26 February 2017

midnight rant 2.0

Orang asyik cakap, jadilah diri sendiri, tak payah berubah, kalau orang tu ikhlas, dia akan terima kita bla bla bla

Tapi what if kita ada one really bad habit and you feel like you want to change yourself into a better person. But eventually, you are not you anymore if you changed. I mean, that "bad habit" is not actually that bad, that's your personality, and if people can actually get through it, means they really want you in their life. Why should we be worried outrageously on the bad side when the good side is always there.

Tapi entahla, aku serius rasa yang sometimes aku nak diam je taknak cakap apa-apa sebab most people could not take what I said. 

I never intend to be rude but that's what people always take me for.

But ok lah, of course everyday I try to be a better person than I was the day before. Saya cuba ok awak, awak tunggu tau.

Idk what nonsense I spurting right now when I actually got assignment to submit tomorrow

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